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Thomas Chapel Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ was established by Elder Luther Tallance Thomas the second week of February in 1948 in New Haven, CT. In the early 50’s the church moved to 250 Ashmun Street for a short period of time. While on Ashmun Street, worshipping God in the newly store front church, more members were united with the church and many auxiliaries were organized. Thomas Chapel later moved to Poplar St where Thomas Chapel began to move along, and a great path grew wider and brighter. In 1954, Thomas Chapel Church joined the Northeastern District Assembly Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ.

In 1959, Elder L.T. Thomas brought the first bus for the church.. Elder L.T. Thomas transportation ministry was worthy of commendation. It allowed many to travel to church when there was no other form of transportation. He traveled through out the greater New Haven area inviting families to come to church. His warm smile and generous heart reached many souls and brought them to Christ.


Elder L.T. Thomas preached the Doctrine of Jesus Christ. He was a servant for the Lord. Satan was busy with his demons trying to steal and destroy. There were many fires that broke out at 244 Poplar Street and many valuables were destroyed. The services continued but due to the inconvenience of the church seating quantity, and fearful that the church may be bombed during service, many members decided to leave. There were the faithful and prayerful members that stayed with the church So, when the opportunity came, we would be able to move on up a little higher.

In December 1968, we marched to our present church building at 30 White Street. Thanking God that we have overcome. Elder L.T. Thomas worked diligently and consistently as a servant in the Vineyard. The membership of Thomas Chapel grew astronomically. The praises went up and the blessings came down on Elder L.T. Thomas and the Thomas Chapel Church.

May 12, 1982, our pastor Elder Luther T. Thomas passed away. Elder Thomas was a faithful and dedicated servant for the Lord. He pastored Thomas Chapel until he could pastor no more. The members of Thomas Chapel Church loved him dearly.


October 2, 1982, Elder Walter Williams III was elected to be the next Pastor of Thomas Chapel Church followed by Elder Clifford Mitchell on June 19, 1987 (16 years as Pastor), Elder Clarence Roberts Jr on July 31, 2005 (9 years as Pastor) and our current Pastor Evangelist Velman Lyons was installed as Pastor on December 17, 2016.



Our pastor would say, “When you visit Thomas Chapel the third time, you belong to Thomas Chapel

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